MACS College Consulting Program (CCP)

Comprehensive flat fee counseling service

College selection and application process is not easy for the student and family. This program is for students (and their parents) who seek to enter university at the undergraduate or graduate levels in the U.S.
We provides comprehensive personalized support not only for the entire university selection and application process but also for planning long term goals.

MACS College Consulting Program (CCP) may include these areas of consultation:

  1. Yearlong Academic Planning
  2. Future Career Planning
  3. Academic Advising
  4. Academic Record Review
  5. High School Course Selection Advising
  6. Summer Activities Recommendations
  7. Extracurricular Planning
  8. College Matching
  9. Standardized Test Preparation
  10. Preparation for College Visits
  11. Financial Aid Guidance
  12. Resume Preparation
  13. Essay Assistance
  14. College Application Review

An initial intake session is free.

Consulting Fees

  • MACS College Consulting Program (CCP)
    • Comprehensive flat fee counseling services for high school Junior/seniors
    • Fee: $4,900
  • Hourly Consulting Service
    • Individual consulting services for college/international placement
    • Fee: $175/hour

< ※ The fees above are effective until 12/31/2009>

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